To experience Cycle City, you need headphones, a bicycle and, of course, yourself. You may start your journey by choosing one of the routes shown below. To unlock the route use the code you received when purchasing your ticket. Please note that the code is scheduled to work at the time indicated on the ticket.

Routes are navigated from point to point in numerical order using the map. Tapping on a destination on the map will display the name at the bottom of your screen. You may access the content of the destination by clicking the name.

Each destination includes an audio recording you can listen to. There may be more than one recording per destination; sometimes, there might be other content - such as videos. The contents of the destination are always pre-arranged in the order in which they are intended to be listened, viewed and experienced.

You can access the route to any destination by tapping it on the map, then tapping the symbol of an arrow inside a square and switching to the navigation app of your choice.


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